Who’s Mia

Hi there

Sassy matters just sort of happened. One day I was minding my own business, juggling a demanding job, two busy kids, a funny and complicated husband, and a bunch of crazy moles destroying the back garden. The next I was sucked into a cyber tunnel with weird abbreviations I knew nothing about.

It all started with sleep.

I love sleep, but I get too little of it. I’m a light sleeper and I wake at the drop of a pin, and on top of that, I often go to bed far too late. So when I fell pregnant with our first child, I was scared shitless.

To prepare, I started looking for answers. The more I searched, the more I realised that this was one hell of an issue. There was a ton of information, and not all the experts even agreed. It was daunting and sometimes very confusing. Systematically I worked a path through it, losing even more sleep in the process – but I didn’t mind, it was fascinating. 

My extended research helped me to understand a lot of things much better. I organise all the information in a sort of a framework that was logical to me, and in a way that would be easy to follow. When our baby was born I tried that which made sense, and I followed my gut. There were times that things got tough, and it felt like my whole word was tumbling, but I was prepared – I had the information and I knew I could work through the hiccups if I just follow the plan.

In the end it paid off. SUCCESS! We could put our son, and later daughter, to bed not long past 7pm without much drama. Night feeds stopped pretty soon and they slept through the night without waking.

And we had the evening to ourselves.

I didn’t realise how profound this was until much later. People always commented about what good sleepers our babies were, and how smooth and quickly things went at bedtime, and how lucky we were.

We knew it wasn’t luck– we did very specific things very consistently to get to that point. We had a goal, and worked with a plan.

When a close friend came for help, we sent them off with a list of basic things to at home. They saw amazing improvement in their baby’s sleeping habits.

It dawned on me that there were many other parents who could benefit from all the stuff I’d learnt during those difficult days.

Sassy Matters was born.

This is what I’ve learnt:

  • Given the chance, most babies will sleep through the night by 7 months of age.
  • This does not happen automatically or naturally. It needs a parent’s very specific input and guidance.
  • Consistency is crucial. Whatever you do – be consistent. If you are not, you are confusing your poor child, and making it hard for everyone.
  • Most children will eventually learn to sleep through. But without your guidance it might take years of pain and suffering for everyone, including baby. And you’ll be a walking ghost.
  • You can never celebrate enough that beautiful moment your pea pod is peacefully in bed. The night is yours. It is something we still do today, years later – on the patio with a glass of wine. What bliss.

And this is what you will learn:

  • Your baby is actually desperate for a full nights sleep.
  • It will not happen by itself, she needs you to guide her.
  • It is not as hard as you think.
  • Bedtime will become be the best part of your day.

To get you started…

I have put together a quick guide with  the top 5 reasons why most babies don’t sleep well, and how you can start fixing them today. 

You’re on the right track, keep going.