Sassy Matters

Your baby isn’t sleeping

And you are exhausted.

You’ve tried every trick in the book, it is so frustrating. The whole evening is devoted to getting her to sleep.

When she’s awake she’s miserable and cranky. You know she’s not getting enough sleep and it worries you.

But you are miserable and cranky too. You simply don’t have the energy to spend any quality time with her. Are you failing your baby? Failing as a mother?

You are just so incredibly tired, you cannot even think straight.

Something needs to change.

I once was where you are now

And I feel your pain and hear your frustration.

I was desperate to find a solution to get my baby to sleep. I searched, I read, I asked, I tried. And after much time and energy, and a huge body of research, things started to make sense. Once I understood better why baby is not sleeping, and I knew how to address them, it all started to fall in place. Before we knew it, baby slept through the night, and we all got some rest.

On these pages I will share with you what I have learnt.

I will show you:

  • Smart ways to help your baby to get all the sleep she needs so she can grow and develop as best she can.
  • The secrets to get your baby to fall asleep at an early bedtime so you can have the evening to yourself.
  • The key to getting your baby to fall asleep by herself without demanding some body part of you.
  • How to stop the dreadful night wakings and help your baby to sleep through so she’ll be rested, happy and alert in the day.
  • How to help your baby to self-sooth so she can put herself back to sleep in the middle of the night and not cry for you to do it for her.
  • How to stop night feedings, so you can stop feeling leeched off.
  • The best advice we ever got when I was pregnant with our first, and how it helped us in those dark and lonely nights.

To get you started…

I’ve put together a quick guide to show how you can help your baby to start good sleeping habits. With small and easy changes you can make today.  

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